October Strava Segment Challange

Sadly, the actual HMT Monsal Hill Climb won’t take place this year so as a bit of fun, we are running a Strava segment leaderboard for the month of October. To be part of this, simply join the Monsal Hill Climb Strava club and ride the segment at any point in October to post a time. We’ll then post out regular updates showing the leaderboard and ultimately who is the king and queen of the Monsal Hill Climb segment for October. There are no prizes for this but we think that kudos is worth so much more. Get out there and pay homage to our amazing climb and do your best effort. They’ll be no crowd, no commentary and no catchers but the gradient will remain the same as always. Those eager will be keeping an eye on the wind direction and picking their day. Good luck everyone.


Join the Strava Club here