Putting you the rider at the heart of what we do, we carefully develop individualised training programs to address your needs, and attain your cycling goals – your own set of “marginal gains”.


At Skyhook Coaching Services we provide our riders with access to cycling-specific performance testing and biometric assessments (including blood lactate threshold, body composition analysis, and sweat testing). In addition to the indoor training studio, full coaching support can be provided by one of our network of experienced cycle coaches. We also provide bike fitting, nutrition and hydration advice, and functional training to ensure you get the most out of your body, when it counts.



We can also provide access to a full range of support services through our partners, to keep you and your bike in tip-top condition as you prepare for your big event. These include custom built bikes, pro workshop services, physiotherapy and even sports psychology if that is one of the marginal gains you are looking for.