Bioracer is the very essence of performance. Since 1986, born in the heartland of cycling in Belgium, Bioracer has created a legacy in the cycling industry with performance-based garments that produce winning results. Obsessed with making riders go faster, every detail is incorporated into producing the fastest cycling kit for every racer, from amateur to professional.

With a full collection range of cycling kit available to purchase online, Bioracer is also famed for its unique custom design capabilities, supplying innovative and distinct kit designs for clubs and race teams all over the world, including the esteemed INEOS Grenadiers.

With over 50 years of innovation woven into every stitch, Bioracer is not like other cycling apparel brands. It has its own design and print studio, protolab, motion speed centre, wind tunnel, and several fully-owned production sites worldwide, and is fully focused on its mission to make athletes go faster through premium performance apparel.

So whether you’re a club rider, an amateur racer, or a world class pro – Bioracer kit will get you where you need to go.

Born in Belgium

Bioracer is a brand which lives, breathes, and obsesses over cycling performance. Born in Belgium, the very heartland of cycling, Bioracer is steeped in heritage. This is where it all began, and this is where it will continue to live on.

Founded by Raymond Vanstraelen 1986, who had a clear purpose to measure and study the athlete in motion in order to optimise cycling performance, Bioracer has continued to evolve into one of the most prominent brands in the cycling industry.

Over the past 36 years, the company has grown to factories, research facilities and offices on three continents, with the brand worn by some of the world’s best cyclists.

Tested on the rugged terrain of classic Belgian cobblestones, Bioracer kit is designed to withstand the everyday rigours of cycling, while enhancing comfort and performance at every level.

Performance by design

Bioracer is a company of riders and racers, designers and innovators, craftspeople and seamstresses. It’s where ideas and new technologies collide, designs are pioneered, and history is made.

Every single detail of performance, quality and comfort is woven into every stitch of Bioracer clothing. Painstaking levels of research and development, energy, and science-backed processes are involved in the production of every garment.

Proud to focus on the science of textiles like no other cycling brand, Bioracer has its own in-house lab testing, conducts over 300 hours of wind tunnel testing every year, and has created proprietary testing machinery to ensure the ultimate quality and performance.

This is not just apparel, this is science in motion.

  • Aeromotion lab: we analyse the cyclist in motion through 360 degree cameras and sensors, to ensure fabric, design and construction deliver anatomic fit with optimal comfort
  • Wind tunnel testing: we conduct regular wind tunnel testing and monitor and analyse data, to optimise the aerodynamics of our apparel and help athletes find free speed
  • Protolab: our in-house research and innovation lab is where we pioneer new technologies, conduct rigorous testing processes using cutting-edge machines, and design new and groundbreaking protoypes
  • In-house production: with our own print room, sublimation, cutting, and stitching factory, we don’t just rely on machine production. Our team of seamstresses hand sew details such as pockets, straps, and chamois pads to ensure the highest comfort and durability possible
  • Innovative pad designs: we design and create gender-specific chamois pads in which the flat side is strategically placed next to the body, so the chamois molds to the rider while the dimensional pad side absorbs vibration, providing the ultimate cushioning and comfort.


Experience the cutting-edge technology and innovation yourself, with Bioracer’s EPIC range for performance, or the ICON range to combine performance and comfort in training.