HMT Hospitals Extend Support

HMT is delighted to support the Monsal Hill Climb once again. The event will take place on Sunday 2nd October 2016, with 140 cyclists competing, one at a time, one minute apart, to see who can record the fastest time cycling uphill.

Competitors will battle it out from the bottom to the top, with the hope of recording the quickest time for a competition that’s based on skill, determination and speed. What’s even more wonderful about the event is that its open to both amateur and professional cyclists, who strive to be crowd the winners at the historic cycling climb. Not only does Monsal Hill Climb offer an exciting sporting challenge, but competitors can enjoy beautiful views of the Wye Valley and Monsal Dale.

The annual cycling event will take place on 2nd October 2016 at the Monsal Head, Derbyshire. We are proud to support such a fantastic race that is open to novice and professional riders, which therefore encourages the public to pick up a bike and race against elite cyclists.

The Monsal Hill Climb dates back to 1930, and now welcomes 140 riders who travel from across the country to participate in the race. One of the most notable competitors is Malcolm Elliot, who is a renowned ex-cycling professional, who has maintained his cycling record of one minute and 14.2 seconds since 1981.